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What are shopping carts?

Shopping carts are dynamic applications that run within websites or portals, which are intended for direct online sales of products or services and are generally designed so that a payment is made online via the Internet at the time of purchase.


- Accept online payments through PayPal, Authorize.net, COD, etc.
- Contains a control panel easy and simple with multiple configuration options.
- Ability to create, edit and delete unlimited product categories.
- Optional stock control, where you can indicate the amount available, and as orders are placed is decreased.
- Information on products available / unavailable.
- Product Finder, Product Specials, Latest Products.
- Quick Posting on the Internet.
- Total detail of the products purchased, delivery information and the buyer data through the reports on the control panel.

Operation of shopping carts 

1. The buyer browses into the website and adds into a virtual cart the items that she/he wishes to purchase.
2. When the buyer complete she/he purchase goes through a "virtual" cash register and select the payment method, shipping mode, registers in the site (if she/he didn't do it previously, and if it's necessary, etc.).
3. If she/he chooses to pay by credit card, the system sends the requested payment parameters by the gateway.
4. The customer enters the number of hers/his credit card in a form on the website of the bank that processes the payment (this can be in the same company credit card or through an intermediary company, like Paypal, 2Checkout). This data travels encrypted to the bank's servers.
5. The bank made in seconds a check of the validity of credit card and the availability of funds. If so, is done charging money transfer to bank account of the seller (or account that has the seller in the intermediary institution that processes and receives payments: Paypal, 2Checkout, etc).
6. The seller gets the order on the one hand and the result of the payment gateway on the other, and depending on it, approves or denies the operation.

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