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 We have been nominated in ,The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet.

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We have been nominated in ,The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet.
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19.11.2013 Create website to send little notes to Santa Claus

It seems that to Santa Claus or Father Christmas, as it is known in Spanish-speaking countries, is also aware of technologies, since in Argentina created a website so that children can send their Christmas requests virtually . page allows children to write their name, the email from his parents, his birth date and the list of the toys they want. It even allows you to attach a picture of the child or of any drawing to the store Santa Claus at the North Pole .... 




 Author: Cindy Burgos Metro - Puerto Rico

11.05.2012 - Finalists Open App Challenge 2012

 We are finalists National Digital Appliance, openapp Challenge 2012, organized by Telefónica our product in the category "Entertainment and Education"

Again, a pride for us that drives us to keep moving!

14.09.2011 - Interview

 Experience organizing championships OnLine

Internet is providing us with a lot of things both professionally and personally. We have at our disposal all kinds of websites and apps that allow us to better manage our tasks, our contacts and, ultimately, our organizaziones. On the other hand there are many projects that offer online services to manage our personal lives, from the micro-household economy, our media, our shopping online and, most interesting, our leisure time.
Increasingly there are Web services that allow us to manage time and resources devoted, for example, to practice our favorite sport individually or collectively. These services have been a before and after in the way we enjoy our sports: I remember before there were many people who could not play sports like tennis because they knew no one and now there are many sites that allow fans to be lso with people who do not know to enjoy a game of tennis, paddle tennis or table tennis.
Similarly there are services that we provide the management of sports among amateurs getting the experience of participating in a tournament a lot more fun and allows participants to create a good community of fans. is one of those projects that allow us to manage online tournaments to improve the experience of participants and make it more social. Entrepreneur Veronica Osorio is behind this project that after its launch in June 2010 has managed over 275 tournaments including tournaments virtual video consoles like the PS3 -.
Veronica, congratulations on the tour and thank you very much for hacber share your experience with us. I leave you with experience
How do you get the idea to start your business?
The idea came from a conversation I had with a family, as long as he was linked to a championship, all the news of it (fixtures, standings, scorers, news, etc..) Reached them via sms. This resulted in a high traffic of messages, instead of providing the organization and participation of championships, complicated.
This occurred to me make this site, which sends notifications via email, leaving the user's taste receiving messages.
What personal and professional support you told?
My business is web development, therefore, the project (analysis, design, programming and testing) was done entirely by me. I am currently working with a designer who is assisting me in the redesign of the application and a further member in charge of marketing and promotion of the project so it can be used by as many people as possible.
What initial capital you tell? How much you got in total funding for your project? Who are your current partners?
Really no capital. Both the idea of ??the project and its development (including design) was done on my own.
Can you give us some interesting numbers from your company (customers, users)?
We currently have 275 tournaments and ongoing armed. The increased flow of traffic we are receiving from Spain, where, in fact, not only organize sports competitions at the real, but virtual (eg championships PlayStation 3).
Did you do a business plan before you start or you somehow ordained?
What I did was a complete analysis of the needs of my family to complete all requirements. Just added also emerged that made the site what it is today. Anyway, the project continues to grow as there are new ideas to implement.
What more did it cost to start your project?
The hardest thing was to think friendly design and functional enough, since at that time did not have any capital to invest and I am not a designer.
What technology do you use to develop your website?, And To communicate with your clients?
The project is developed in PHP and is handled with a MySQL database. I am currently modifying it to html5 a manner that is suitable for mobile phones.
The project also involves developing a full version for mobile.
The application is 100% free, so we do not have customers, but with users. Communication with the conduct them through a newsletter with news generated from the application. In addition, we have a very visible contact form on the site, where we received valuable feedback that helps us to continually grow the application, providing users with the improvements requested.
If you come back to start, you change anything?
The design, as the redesign of a site is a hard enough job that involves lots of time. It would have been thought to have had the optimal design at the beginning of the project.
Reflections and advice to entrepreneurs:

The ideas are the hardest to get. When you have a project, try not to seek perfection, everything can be improved, what matters is encouraged to start it.


06.09.2011 - Competition INNOVATE 2011 - Finalists

 As participants in the INNOVATE Contest 2011 have been finalists by and specially invited by the organizers of the competition to present their project at the fairgrounds Technopolis in Villa Martelli. The event will run from 12 to 16 October 2011

22.07.2011 -, pre-selected for INNOVAR 2011

 22.07.2011 - has been pre-selected for inclusion in the catalog INNOVAR 2011 the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation

10.11.2010 Nomination insolvent LocaWeb 2010

Nomination for the contest LocaWeb 2010 - Meeting Professionals Locaweb Internet.

18.09.2010 - Gay Weddings, profitable business

Gay Weddings, profitable business that no one is willing to lose

 The penalty of law that authorizes marriage between same sex is a before and after the wedding planners' agenda. Why? Homosexuals make up the segment at parties invest more money next year and everyone wants to catch it, confess event organizers consulted by La Nacion.

If for a wedding a couple heterosexual goes between 50,000 and 80,000 pesos, these parties for the same sex are armed with a budget that, on average, exceeds $ 100,000, in which the main feature is customize everything: for example, record the initials of their boyfriends or girlfriends on the dance floor, in the champagne glasses, coasters and napkins in among thousands of details. It is the overabundance of details that define these events.
"Since we hired to organize three gay weddings in the coming months: two are gay and a lesbian couple. They opt for a much more glamorous and glitzy. Want to celebrate with all the out of the closet. Instead, they choose another proposal low profile, "he told La Nacion Vanesa Marini, Gay Planners company that, since last year, work in organizing parties for gay civil unions, and nearly a month, at weddings. "We have more than three visits a day," he said.
The wedding planner Supi Graciela (GS) joined guide, which concentrates more than 300 suppliers, from caterers and halls to photographers and designers who are putting together proposals for such special weddings.
"If in a heterosexual marriage class, 80 seats, are for 90,000 pesos, for a gay wedding is reversed between 20 and 30% more, because it is an audience that seeks a higher level of sophistication, where nothing remains the canons of the traditional, "says Giselle Rosado, GS. By way of illustration, explains that couples often homesexuales give their pets a leading role during the celebration. Thus, for example, dress in coat and add a canine to the comics masapán cake.
Other couples, for example, requests that the dress code is white and pink. This implies that the shares, the decoration and clothes of the guests must combine those colors. Also, changing the traditional pink limousine for fitito to enter the room, handing out pins with slogans such as "gay friendly" or "looking couple" among the guests.
The most preferred shows are live jazz bands, a presentation of Florencia de la V or performance of Club 69, as they hired the artistic manager Alejandro Vannelli and actor Ernesto Larrese at the party that gave Darwin Space for 250 people, organized by the Gruppo Mass.
The organization of gay marriage also represents a challenge to the traditional wedding planners. "This is just beginning and we are getting many inquiries. Going to be very fun holiday. The traditional marriages have many formal parties, which are not required in this type of event," said Rafael Muro, BAM events. company, dedicated to ceremonies for couples who do not want to marry in church, but without losing the formality of the event, put together a business unit dedicated to gay marriage: it is called Celebrate the union a secular officiant. In the last month, received ten inquiries per week.
"Last week a married couple. But we have many inquiries and bookings for next year, because now starts the season of events and you're all taken," says Javier Gerenschtein. In his experience, most of those interested are male and are as a couple for 10 to 25 years.
Easy Planners recently initiated activities and offers the possibility that the couple is to coordinate the party, providing software tools and contact suppliers. "We have an interview and, according to the type of event you want to organize, the couple comes up with a list of possible contacts, consistent with their profile. This greatly shortens the time of organization," says Eugenio Leiguarda, adding: "The orders are most varied, from big parties to lunches for 50 people, according to the tastes of the couple. "
Source: Evangelina Himitian
Newspaper: THE NATION

13.09.2010 - The business behind gay marriages

 The approval of the marriage of couples made up of same-sex marriage brought with it a flood of gays who want to fulfill their ultimate dream: to throw the house out the window and shout to the four winds leaving the closet.

While the budget who want to invest in the party depends on the pocket and the profile of the partners, gay people tend to be extremely picky and do not want anything left to chance.
Just left the new law allowing gay marriage, other entrepreneurs set out to join the new and prominent market opened. One case was portal. Since its launch last July 23 and reached the 5,500 unique visitors, and is constantly rising.
We noticed great enthusiasm every day on suppliers, especially weeding ballrooms and planners, from whom we receive frequent inquiries and suggestions. We understand that nobody wants to miss the train and stay out of a very promising market, said Veronica Osorio, creator of the site.
According to the entrepreneur explained, they had a space for weddings but could not include future spouses gays because many providers do not want. We warn that we would add this market but we are down 20% from suppliers. So we created a completely new website and a month of its launch, we realize that we take the right path.
From the time the law was passed, same-sex couples did not hesitate to turn in the registration request and then organize a dream wedding. But as with heterosexual couples, there are different ways to celebrate. There are those who opt for something quieter and on the other hand, those looking to make the big party.
Vanesa Marini, owner of the company Gay Planners, unveiled in gay couple that are very sophisticated and have a high sense of aesthetics.
Who does not like to celebrate? Especially when it is a long awaited celebration. Many couples who contact us, have spent years dreaming of this moment and want to celebrate with all, said event organizer, who emphasized that couples often want parties that reflect their identity and what they want to express.
The customization part is one of the most outstanding features in these weddings. From the invitations to the souvenirs. You can not miss the space design with rainbow glasses engraved, cartoons table indicators of the couple, among other details, said Marni.
Colored ribbons around the room, pins and champagne glasses allusive, souvenirs of all customized for the occasion, dress code and billboards default of the couple, among other things.
But there are those who prefer a low profile. In our case we had to make a wedding 90% men 45 and older. They are couples who are together for some time, and the law does not have much to think, always loved him and they do. People think they are asking super crazy things but the truth is that no, the gays have partners, friends and colleagues who want to share heterosexual, told Carolina, a site that specializes in organizing events gays. He added: The best parties are bold moves or younger couples.
One feature that identifies same-sex marriage is good aesthetics and quality above all. With respect to the shows, most orders are bands who play disco or 80's, according to the budgets of the couple.
Shows of strippers or some more modern bands, like Miranda, are requested but among the young. Also provide a service of makeup style body painting party, told Carolina.
The locker room is not a minor issue: both must be dressed up, from head to toe. According to Marini, most choose to wear suits or smart casual. Also with some couples have change of clothes in the middle of the party.
Vs them. they
Couples who engage the services of a wedding planner are usually made by men who also tend to be much played in their quest to break the mold. They want more glamorous proposals and plays, while Marni said said that while the girls look more modern design details.
In that sense, Carolina explained that consultations are both lesbians and gay but who decide to give the other men are.
Women are more hesitant, come with more limited budgets and it is difficult to organize a party with low levels. They manage themselves and seek prices while men need to detach a little more, he said.
Source: Constance Crotto and Mariana Gandara

17.04.2009 Launch adminmytime - free web tool for project management is a portal from which you can manage projects for free and create a working group and assign tasks. Each record can have comments and save the number of hours spent at work.

Every day there are more companies that outsource and / or hire employees to work remotely from their homes and / or from another office location. They require a system that allows them to manage the handling of these resources, assigning tasks, managing clients and projects, creating events, notes, etc.
Ideal for organizing a computer remotely and have everything under control. It is still in beta, growing every day, like Veronica Osorio, one of those responsible for the project, told me by email.
A designer, two programmers and beta testers are responsible for this project that can save many headaches for many people.

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