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Facebook applications

We create applications for facebook, generate content and entertainment of value for your fans,loyalty of your customers and Keep them always updated!

 Integrate promo contests both in your website and your Fanpage, entertainment and sales tools to engage more audience and turn your fans into clients.

 What can I do in my FanPage ?

 You can convert your fans into customers offering your products or services through Promos, Contests , coupons or benefits as product catalogs .


You can attract more fans by integrating simple and complex Sweepstakes, Contests, images, videos and trivia ( Q & Games ) on your Facebook page.

 Contests with Youtube Videos

Generate a motto to get your fans to upload a video from  Youtube so that their friends will vote for them.

This will get the participants to encourage their contacts to get into your Fanpage to vote, creating a viral chain.

The participant who achieves the most votes for their video will win !

You will achieve this goals faster: 

- Increase your fans 

- Quickly viralize your promotion 

- Get a complete database 

- Reach out to friends of your fans 

- Build a relationship with your Fans 

 Contests Stock

Generates a slogan for your Fans upload an image and your friends vote .

This will make the same participants encourage their contacts to get your Fan Page to vote , creating a viral chain.

The participant who achieves more votes for your image will be the winner !

You will achieve faster:

 - Increase your Fans

 - Quickly viralizar your promotion

 - Get a complete database

 - Reach out to friends of your fans

 - Build a relationship with your Fans .


A lottery to obtain new fans and then offer your services. 

You will achieve faster:

 - Increase your Fans

 - Get a complete database of participating users

 - Fans Loyalty 


Multiple choice raffles

You fans love to show off on how much they now about certain topics. Create a contest where the users have to answer with multiple choice answers.

You will achieve these goals faster:

 -  Increase your fans

 - Quickly viralize your promos

 - Obtain a complete and up-to-date database

 - Engage in a relationship with your fans


Q and A (Trivia)

Create a Questions-and-Answers contest, and you will have your fans expecting to have the next question available on your Fanpage wall, in order to get ahead answering and accumulating winning points.

Question on the wall of your Fan Page , to answer before anyone else and accumulate points to win.

You will achieve faster:

- Increase your fans

- Quickly viralizar your promotion

- Get a complete database

- Build a relationship with your Fans .


Your fans love to have a say over interesting topics. Create a poll so that your fans can answer. You'll get valuable information for your business asking what type of product or service they prefer, or simply make a poll about current topics to entertain the community and ultimately understand how they think!


Voting Sweepstakes

To enter the draw , your fans must vote a choice between different options that your postules ( can use photos or videos). Each user can share their opinions and viralizar among his friends , making more people to your Fan Page .




 Integrate your Twitter Timeline on your Facebook Fan Page . You can also display a # Hashtag or tweets of a user group that you choose.



 Share your Youtube videos on your Fan Page , Fans Increases and reproductions of your videos, integrate your YouTube channel to your Fan Page .

Fans will play all the videos, share them with your friends and see updates directly from Facebook channel .



Product Gallery

Social Shopping is fashionable. Show her your fans have products for sale .

You can upload photos of your products and their descriptions so your Fans , watch , share , comment and recommend your products.

You can link to your current shopping cart


Promotions and Discounts

 You can create coupons for your products to boost sales and increase your customers interest.

 All our applications are developed with a backend (CMS ) to manage the information that is published , so that the applications ends up being 100 % dynamic !

 Check our facebook trivia: http://www.facebook.com/VousysConsulting

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