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IT Consulting

In Vousys Consulting work with the latest technologies in the market, enabling us every day to stay one step ahead.

All companies require a consultant specializing in each area, whether accounting, legal and computing. That's why we do advice on mobile applications, web and desktop, as well as legal issues referntes to computer science, giving them all the professionalism they deserve.

 In Vousys Consulting, we work under the Extreme Programming methodology, which

improves a software project in five key areas:

- Communication

- Simplicity

- Feedback

- Respect

- Courage.


Programmers are in constant communication with customers and fellow programmers.

They keep their design / structure simple and clean.

They get feedback by testing their software from day one.

They deliver the system to customers as soon as possible and implement changes as suggested.


Each small success deepened his respect for the unique contributions of all team members and everyone.


On this basis, developers are able to respond boldly to the changing needs and technology.


Customers enjoy being partners in the process of software developers to contribute actively

regardless of experience level, and administrators to focus on communication and relationships.

Unproductive activities have been trimmed to reduce the cost and frustration of all involved.



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