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Html5 layout // Html5 layout
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Html5 layout


This project involved the home page's layout.

A layout is the distribution of a web site's elements (headers, columns, menues, etc).



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Tags: layout, html5, css3

  • Strategy
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3 + 12 days

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Html5 layout


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We have worked with several integrations Vousys for CMS applications iPhone / iPhone to our customers. Not only did an excellent job, but it is adapted to the needs of business last time by CMS of excellent quality in record time, allowing us to take the project forward and complete it successfully. His constant readiness, and responsibility make excellent treatment undoubtedly be our next choice to undertake new projects. For us it is very important to have a backup like Vousys in the area, and we feel sure of what we convey to our customers.



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