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Web system for consortium

  • PHP
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Firefox
  • Chrome


Web system for consortium

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 System Highlights


  • Issuance of common and special assessments on the same ballot
  • Amounts of individual assessment per property
  • Multiple accounts of expenses for building
  • Current accounts of owners unlimited
  • Control of expenditure for each separate individual owners and the administrator
  • Panel of independent access to own where you can view liquidations
  • Management expense , its supporting documents , as well as your checking account.
  • Current accounts of suppliers
  • Current accounts several ( self-managing from the chart of accounts )
  • Checks held
  • Plan for self-managing user accounts
  • Subdaily accounting of income and expenses, sales taxes and reports
  • Lists of defaulters
  • Reminders of maturity for e- mail
  • Total export of any data table to Excel
  • Multi- corporate : In case you also settle rentals , the system can work
  • with several companies assigning each property according to their percentage of ownership.
  • Totally self-administered functional units.
  • Contract Administration .
  • Monthly rentals and automatic billing .



Complies with Resolution 408 SECGCYAC

Tags: consortia, consortium system, software consortium, liquidation of expenses

  • Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mockup layout
  • Development

3 + 12 days

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